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Word of Life School of Ministry

Word of Life School of Ministry

Spring Semester 2024

  • Class Begin Date: January 29, 2024
  • Class End Date: May 6, 2024
  • Registration Ends February 12, 2024
  • Beginning of Registration: January 8, 2024
  • Registration Ends February 12, 20244
  • No Classes: Easter Monday (4/1/202)

List of Spring Semester Classes for 2024

School of Ministry

Dr. Carl Thompson

Church History 102- (U) 6:30pm-7:20pm- (M)- Thompson

In this course we will trace the development of church history from the period of the end of the Middle Ages, just prior to the Protestant Reformation, to the present. Special emphasis will be given to significant events and theological issues during this time frame that helped shape church history.

Dr. Norma Bryant
  • Dr. Norma Bryant

Old Testament Survey 102-(U)- 7:30pm-8:20pm- (M)- Bryant

This course is a continuation of part I and will offer the student a general
survey of the Old Testament from Isaiah to Malachi. The purpose of the class is to review each individual book, focusing specifically on the author, theme, and message it relays concerning God’s plan for his people.

Dr. Phyllis Pittman
  •  Dr. Phyllis Pittman

Spiritual Warfare-102 (U)- 6:30pm-7:20pm- (M)- Pittman

A continuation of Spiritual Warfare 101, which builds from the foundational teaching to a greater understanding of the tools of warfare, such as personal and corporate intercessory prayer, healing and deliverance as instructed in scripture. A primary focus will be placed on the reliance of the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit, as well as the challenges and trepidations involved in this type of endeavor.

Dr. Phyllis Pittman
  •  Dr. Phyllis Pittman

The Canonization of Scripture- (U)- 7:30-8:20-(M)- Pittman

This class will explore the historical background, definition and process that led to the canonization of scripture, both Old and New Testaments. It will also examine the religious, cultural, and political impact of this decision on the church world today.

Penny Moses
  • Pastor Penny Moses

Christ the Healer – 7:30pm- 8:20pm- Moses

The entire bible from Genesis to Revelation is rife with an abundance of scriptures relating to God’s desire to heal his people from sickness and disease. Divine healing is a benefit that the people of God have through the atonement of our Lord Jesus. This course will guide the student using scripture to achieve knowledge and thorough understanding of how to receive healing and minister healing to others.

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