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Word of Life School of Ministry

Word of Life School of Ministry

Fall Courses 2023

Start date- 8/28/23- End date-12/11/23.

Penny Moses
  • Pastor Penny Moses

Knowing God

This course will focus specifically on the prophecies of Daniel. It will help every student of the Scriptures gain a great introductory understanding of this most critical end time revelation. The book of Daniel is more relevant today than ever before. It’s vitally important that we get a grasp of his world-changing prophecies that await their fulfillment. Within the book of Daniel, there are five major prophecies that begin in history and end in the future. These prophecies converge in the end time, and they show us details of what will happen both before and at the return of Christ. This course will help you explore these predictions and comprehend the divinely ordained oracles the prophet Daniel received.  

(M/6:00 pm) – start date 8/28/23- end date-12/11/23.

Dr. Norma Bryant
  • Dr. Norma Bryant

Old Testament Survey I

This course will provide the student with a general survey of the Old Testament from Genesis to the Song of Solomon. The student will review each individual book while focusing specifically on the author, theme and message it relays concerning God’s plan of redemption for his people.

(M/7:00 pm) Start date-8/28/23 & end date-12/11/23

Dr. Phyllis Pittman
  •  Dr. Phyllis Pittman

Walking in the Spirit 101

Miracles are not rare events for a select and fortunate few. They don’t have to be something mysterious and out of reach and viewed as the exception rather than common occurrences. Just as they were common in the early church, they can become common for you, by maintaining intimacy with God’s Spirit.
This course will instruct the student in how to develop a miracle mindset, operate in miracles, and establish a lifestyle in which miraculous events occur. 

(M/8:00 pm) start date-8/28/23 & end date-12/11/23

School of Ministry
  •  Dr. Carl Thompson Sr

Church History I

In this course we trace the development of church history from the beginnings of the early church in the first century to the Middle Ages. Special emphasis will be given to significant events and theological issues during this time period that helped to shape church history.

(Th./6:00 pm) Start date-8/31/23 & end date-12/14/23


School of Ministry
  •  Dr. Carl Thompson Sr

Basic Christian Doctrine

This course is for every born again believer, who wants to grow and mature in their relationship with God.  Here the student will be instructed in the basic building blocks of foundational truth.  They will explore the basic doctrines of Christ, understand and be able to identify their motivational gifts, the ministry gifts, and the gifts of the Spirit that operate in the church today.

(Th./7:00pm) start date- 8/31/23 & end date-12/14/23

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