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School of Ministry Class Registration

Class Registration

Fall Online Classes

Monday evenings from September 12 to December 12

About Our Classes

About Admissions

Classes are offered for the fall semester on Monday evenings from August 30th  to December 13 th  from 6:00 to 9:00PM.

All fees should be paid at registration. In efforts to assist students who have a need, we also set up monthly payment plans, which require 25% of the total semester fee at the beginning of each month. Please review the course listing and fee schedule below to ensure accuracy in completing the registration application..

1. Complete the School of Ministry Application Form.
2. eMail application to
     Or mail check c/o to Word of Life School of Ministry
     P.O. Box 1068 Liberty, NC 27298

Or complete the registration form below and make payment online.
For further information and questions,
please call us at 336 739 0417

Dr. Phyllis Pittman

Walking in the Spirit 103

Miracles are not rare events for a select and fortunate few. They don’t have to be something mysterious and out of reach and viewed as the exception rather than common occurrences. Just as they were common in the early church, they can become common for you, by maintaining intimacy with God’s Spirit.
This course will instruct the student in how to develop a miracle mindset, operate in miracles, and establish a lifestyle in which miraculous events occur.

Instructor ~ Dr. Phyllis Pittman

Penny Moses

The Book of Daniel: Understanding the End Time Prophecies

This course will focus specifically on the prophecies of Daniel. It will help every student of the Scriptures gain a great introductory understanding of this most critical end time revelation. The book of Daniel is more relevant today than ever before. It’s vitally important that we get a grasp of his world-changing prophecies that await their fulfillment. Within the book of Daniel, there are five major prophecies that begin in history and end in the future. These prophecies converge in the end time, and they show us details of what will happen both before and at the return of Christ. This course will help you explore these predictions and comprehend the divinely ordained oracles the prophet Daniel received.

 Instructor ~ Pastor Penny Moses

Dr. Norma Bryant

Breaking Generational Curses and tearing down Strongholds

The Bible refers to curses over 230 times, and 70 sins that cause curses are put forth in Scripture. Learn how Curses are just as real today as in Biblical times. In this course the student will learn more about Generational Curses, Personal Curses, Accursed Things, Word Curses, Authority Curses, Witchcraft Curses, Laws Governing Curses.
Even though one may be born again, and Spirit filled, there can still be areas of their life in which they have little or no victory due to the operation of a powerful stronghold of our spiritual enemy. It might be an addiction or other destructive habits, such as uncontrolled anger, sexual sin, depression, or fear. Regardless of what it is, this class will show you how to identify curses and strongholds operating in your life, and how to defeat and destroy them through the supernatural power available to every believer!

Instructor ~ Dr. Norma Bryant

Class Registration Form

School of Ministry Class Registration

Class Fee Schedule

Fall semester on Monday evenings from September 12 to December 12

1 class- $120.00 per semester -$45.00 deposit and 25.00 per month
2 classes-$240.00 per semester- $60.00 deposit and $60.00 per month
3 classes-$ 360,00 per semester-$80.00 deposit and $80.00 per month