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Touching the World For Jesus

Word of Life School of Ministry

Thank you for visiting the official site of Word of Life COC School of Ministry. If enhancing your Christian education is a priority in your life today, please prayerfully consider us. We have an outstanding staff of instructors and offer a challenging and diverse curriculum. Look us over and call today!  


Registration begins September 1st through October 1st 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM - Register here


About the Founders

Pastors Carl and Mechelle Thompson have served the Lord in ministry for over thirty-Five years. Twenty Eight of those years has been as a Pastor. His greatest passion is to help shape and mold leaders to serve the Lord’s Church in the end times

Dr. Carl E. Thompson, Sr. Th D

School of Ministry
The founders of Word of Life School of Ministry, Pastors Carl & Mechelle Thompson, believe that spiritual impartation is just as critical to successful ministry as instruction.

Pastor Mechelle Thompson

Word of Life COC Pastor
The founders of Word of Life School of Ministry, Pastors Carl & Mechelle Thompson, believe that spiritual impartation is just as critical to successful ministry as instruction. 

Basic Christian Ministry Certification

This two-year certification program is intended to equip any Christian, who has been called to discipleship and labor in the body of Christ. Their specific calling is not in the area of the five-fold ministry gifting, but effective ministry in the church and community, in service to God. The basic knowledge provided in this program will more than build a foundation from which to minister with a tremendous impact, but also lead to greater maturity, anointing, and assurance of the call.

Ordained Ministry Certification Program

This two-year certification program is designed for the individual who has a call to one of the five-fold ministry gifts: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, & Teacher. The call to ministry is the call to preparation and this program equips the student in the vital areas of sermon preparation, preaching, counseling, and apologetics, just to mention a few.
Word of Life COC School of Ministry

Featured Classes Fall Semester 2022

Monday evenings from September 12 to December 12

Walking in the Spirit 103

Miracles are not rare events for a select and fortunate few. They don’t have to be something mysterious and out of reach and viewed as the exception rather than common occurrences. Just as they were common in the early church, they can become common for you, by maintaining intimacy with God’s Spirit. This course will instruct the student in how to develop a miracle mindset, operate in miracles, and establish a lifestyle in which miraculous events occur.
Dr. Phyllis Pittman
Dr. Phyllis Pittman

Understanding the End Time Prophecies

This course will focus specifically on the prophecies of Daniel. It will help every student of the Scriptures gain a great introductory understanding of this most critical end time revelation. The book of Daniel is more relevant today than ever before. It’s vitally important that we get a grasp of his world-changing prophecies that await their fulfillment. Within the book of Daniel, there are five major prophecies that begin in history and end in the future. These prophecies converge in the end time, and they show us details of what will happen both before and at the return of Christ.
Penny Moses
Pastor Penny Moses

Breaking Generational Curses

The Bible refers to curses over 230 times, and 70 sins that cause curses are put forth in Scripture. Learn how Curses are just as real today as in Biblical times. In this course the student will learn more about Generational Curses, Personal Curses, Accursed Things, Word Curses, Authority Curses, Witchcraft Curses, Laws Governing Curses. Even though one may be born again, and Spirit filled, there can still be areas of their life in which they have little or no victory due to the operation of a powerful stronghold of our spiritual enemy.
Dr. Norma Bryant
Dr. Norma Bryant

Speak with a Counselor Call Now 336 739 0417

Prospective students can request a one-on-one call or meeting with a counselor to determine what courses to register for this coming semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Word of Life School of Ministry is to assist the local church in developing Christian leaders, both men and women, to be used by God for His divine purpose. We believe that this training process should comprise both the teaching of the Word, and the impartation of the anointing, for service.

The school has a current staff of teachers that are knowledgeable, anointed, and seasoned for the purpose of instructing the people of God. They have collectively, over 135 years of experience in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Word of Life was operated heretofore as a private church school for ten years, 1994 to 2004. In 2015 the Lord led Pastors Carl and Mechelle Thompson to re-establish the school of ministry, with the purpose of primarily educating leaders to impact on the world for the Kingdom of God. Our plan is to transition into an accredited bible college by the year 2017. We do however, feel that our main purpose during this season is not to provide official credentials, as much as quality education and training to men and women of God, who are dedicated to serving Him.

Our school currently offers one and two year certificates in a variety of areas. All classes are presently part of our continuing education program. The number of hours and credits are provided per certificate. Please review our website for a listing of classes and programs available.

We do provide some financial support to students who have a verified need. The extent of support that we are able to provide varies from semester to semester. The interested student should contact the school at the number provided online, by email, or phone for further information.

Classes that we currently offer cannot be transferred to any other institution. While we are in the beginning stages now, we anticipate having articulation agreements with other institutions upon accreditation, so that our classes will be transferrable to other institutions.

We currently do not offer online classes, but anticipate having an offering in the very near future.


As mentioned earlier, we are not affiliated with an accredited program at this time, but do plan on establishing an affiliation with Faith Christian University in the future, which is accredited and offers classes from the associate to the doctoral degree.

Registering for class is quite easy. You can go to our website and register online, set up an appointment with one of our staff and register over the phone, or register in person during the first day of classes.

That’s an excellent question! You can go online to the school website and click on the registration link. It will take you to an application, which you should complete and forward to the school, along with a onetime application fee of $25.00. You should receive an immediate email of confirmation, and an acceptance letter in the mail within two weeks.


We think you’ll love attending school with us. Our programs are designed to fit your lifestyle perfectly. We have some of the greatest teachers and leaders in North Carolina, who provide quality instruction to our students. If your goal is to increase your biblical knowledge, then the Word of Life school of Ministry is where you need to be.  If your goal is to utilize our excellent training program before launching a fledgling ministry, maybe we can assist in making that happen, as well. We’re here to serve you. 


Our Bible School admissions policy encourages Open Enrollment and we receive applications for admission, online, at any time during the year. Our admissions committee will review the application and notify the applicant by acceptance letter, upon approval.

Classes are offered for the fall semester on Monday evenings from September 12 to December 12

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Word of Life School of Ministry

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